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HPE CloudSystem – an efficient cloud platform

The BIG BLUE ONE cloud is based on a professional, high-quality platform for cloud services – HPE CloudSystem. The system includes high-end hardware (blade servers, switches, 3PAR Utility Storage, MicroTrend TippingPoint IPS), as well as a software superstructure that ensures seamless communication of the individual components.

“Based on the high quality of individual components and the interdependence of the entire solution, it offers incredible performance and stability for cloud services.”

HPE 3PAR: arrays cloud - base solutions BIG BLUE ONE

3PAR – the world’s fastest storage

Data security in the BIG BLUE ONE cloud is provided by the HPE 3PAR storage system. HPE 3PAR was developed specifically for the operation of virtual data centres. It is able to simultaneously process a huge amount of read and write operations, which ensures very high speed and predictable parameters. It also offers the possibility of adaptive data migration between individual disk tiers (SSD, SAS, SATA). In this way, the machine receives the required disk performance, specifically for those applications where it is needed. It uses logical disk technology – this is fully virtualized storage, the basic unit being a “chunklet”. Chunklets are basic components of RAID sets.

The BIG BLUE ONE cloud uses the 3PAR remote-copy technology to create geographically separate data backup. Data is replicated to physically remote locations, so the possibility of loss is completely eliminated. These locations are linked with the speed of 2 x 8 Gbps for Disaster Recovery solutions.
A bit copy is created on the disk, and only changes are replicated, so the replication process itself does not restrict customer applications at all. A “snapshot” (copy) is created every 60 minutes.

“Do you know that 3PAR has been designed specifically for cloud services? Therefore, it is the best and most advanced storage technology for your cloud.”

Casablanca INT Datacentre

Casablanca Data Centre – new technology and rich experience

The BLUE BIG ONE cloud service is operated in our own data centre, equipped with sophisticated UPS systems with N+N redundancy, the most advanced cooling systems with closed cold and hot aisles, physical and fire safety systems, connection to the IP network n x 10 Gb from several directions, etc. We have full control over both the data centre and the entire data network. Therefore, the availability of customer services is not dependent on third parties.

The 99.99% contractual guarantee of availability (SLA – Service Level Agreement) is based on the combination of high-quality branded solutions, including backup. Certified experts will help you design, administer, and maintain your services.

“Do you know that Casablanca Data Centre has been offering server services since 2000? Users of cloud services can therefore rely on the expertise and experience of our experts, and high-quality facilities that we can provide them with.”

MicroTrend TippingPoint: intrusion prevention system

MicroTrend TippingPoint – intrusion prevention system

Safety requirements for BIG BLUE ONE cloud computing are handled through the Secure Virtualization Framework containing MicroTrend TippingPoint and vController, a tool for routing traffic within the cloud. MicroTrend TippingPoint is able to analyze incoming data traffic and search the traffic for attempts to identify weak parts of the system and break the security of your services.

MicroTrend TippingPoint protects you against viruses, exploits, SQL injections, attacks on web applications, and DoS and DDoS attacks. It also performs a complete packet inspection through to the 7th application layer. It inserts inspections into data paths without affecting ongoing communication.

“MicroTrend TippingPoint is able to protect security holes in your operating system until a necessary patch is provided by the manufacturer. Reports and logs are available every day, the filters are updated 3 times a week, and the reputation database is updated 12 times a day.”

VMware: the best virtualization technology

VMware – the best virtualization technology

VMware is software that allows you to run multiple virtual servers on one server simultaneously. Using VMware, you can run different systems, from conventional computers for everyday work and administration to web and database servers. Thanks to its excellent product, the company VMware is considered the leader and a visionary in virtualization technology. The BIG BLUE ONE cloud uses the most advanced virtualization platform from VMware – vSphere Enterprise Plus.

“Do you know that more than 2.5 million users rely on VMware products?”


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